LCPC Meeting at Barangay Sicat Hall

On March 28, 2016, a LCPC (Local Council for Protection of Children) meeting was held at the barangay hall of Sicat, Alfonso, Cavite. (A part of the construction cost and materials of the barangay hall were contributed by AWH.)
Since LCPC’s aims include protection of women and children, AWH as a member of LCPC made an announcement that FriendlyCare now provides free hormonal implant as a contraceptive, instead of bilateral tubal ligation (BTL). FriendlyCare has been funded by UN Population Fund and previously provided free BTL. However, since UN replaced BTL method with hormonal implant, FriendlyCare follows the direction. When 60-100 women who are willing to receive the service gathered, FriendlyCare can dispatch health professionals to conduct free hormonal implants. Since the hormonal implant has not been approved by the Filipino Government yet, it cannot be conducted at government facilities but can be at any private rooms. Barangay Sicat health workers were interested and with a concent of municipal health officer Dr. Manzo, they were willing to assemble for free implant. It is said that for most of the women implant is effective for approximately 3 years.

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Home for The 100th Sheep Graduation

On March 22, 2016, a DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) accredited foundation, Home for The 100th Sheep which operates and manages several pre-schools in Dasmarinas, Cavite with selected indigent children, held a graduation celebration at a courtyard in nearby vicinity.

AWH vice president Casey Takayama visited the event and congratulated all the children graduating. For the continuous and dedicating support of indigent families including resettled street families from Manila, AWH made a monetary donation to Home for The 100th Sheep Foundation.

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Coordinating Japan Heart for International Medical Assistance

During November 2015 through January 2016, AWH coordinated a non-profit & non-government organization called Japan Heart, which dispatches Japanese volunteer medical doctors and nurses to ASEAN countries, with governmental organizations in the Philippines in order to provide their medical assistance in case of national emergencies.

AWH introduced Japan Heart to 4CDG-ARESCOM (4th Regional Community Defense Group, Army Reserve Command) and visited Colonel Pasqual at Camp Eldridge, Los Banos, Laguna. It was agreed that 4CDG-ARESCOM would facilitate land-transportation for emergency medical mission of Japan Heart in the region 4A (CALABARZON) & 4B( MIMAROPA)

20160113_094305 (Medium) 20160129_102129 (Medium) 20160129_105926 (Medium) IMG_5399[1] (Large)Next, as an accredited charity foundation, AWH contacted DSWD (Department of Social Welfare Development) Region 4A office in Alabang and Japan Heart representative Ms. Mika Aono and a neurosurgeon Dr. Miki Kanaji from Japan who volunteered in Myanmar with Japan Heart visited the regional director Leticia Diokno. After understanding the intention of Japan Heart, Director Diokno kindly set up a meeting with director Dr. Gloria Balboa of Department of Health in Health Emergency Management Bureau next day for Japan Heart.

20160128_153154 (Large)Dr. Balboa summoned Chief Health Program Officer Dr. Joel Buenaventura and Medical Specialist Dr. Ronald Law of Bureau of International Health Cooperation and a meeting was held at DOH office in Santa Cruz, Manila.

AWH and Japan Heart learned that at the time of typhoon Haiyan (Filipino name: Yolanda), there were a lot of confusion and turmoil coordinating with foreign voluntary medical teams as there were many foreign organization visited to help and no regulations set at that time. Now there is a bill constructed to deal with such National disaster emergency and PIHAC (Philippine International Humanitarian Assistance Cluster) was established. PIHAC is authorized on behalf of the other department such as  DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) and DOH to handle and coordinate foreign voluntary organizations which come to assist in case of emergency. Basically in normal time PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) licenses are required to conduct medical services in the Philippines. However, it will be waived with pre-registration with DOH as a foreign voluntary organization.

Japan Heart confirmed to work on the application documents for pre-registration.   20160129_144700 (Medium) IMG_5433[1] (Large)

Indigent Support with Overseas Guests

In January 2016, nearly 50 overseas guests visited AWH for healing and to attend our 10th year anniversary event. During their stay they paid a visit to a camp of indigent residents in Usting, Luksuhin-Ibaba, Alfonso, Cavite with quality used clothes brought from Japan, sacks of rice and snacks for children. Later time another visitor donated sacks of rice when AWH brought them firewood for cooking balots (slightly grown duck eggs) on which they make their livelihood.

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Visiting an Orphanage with Overseas Guests

The home of the House with no Steps Foundation along Aguinaldo Highway in Alfonso largely houses 12 permanently incapacitated adults, most of which had been abandoned by their relatives at an early age because they were afflicted with incurable diseases such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and polio. The foundation is only able to support each patient with P1,200/month.

Ever since DSWD (Department of Social Welfare Development) introduced this foundation AWH has supported these handicapped orphans in years. Instead of funneling such donations through AWH account, AWH, for the sake of full transparency and greater involvement of overseas guests, decided to assist guests with purchase of rice and food and cash donations presented directly to the orphanages.

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Barangay Christmas 2015

On December 21, 2015, Christmas feeding event for children was held this year as well at barangay Sicat, Alfonso, Cavite. Barangay councilor April coordinated the event. AWH provided financial assistance for pasta and ice cream. About 200 children gathered bringing their own plates and forks and became happy with their stomach filled. DSCF7035 (Medium) DSCF7047 (Medium) DSCF7052 (Medium) DSCF7056 (Medium) DSCF7060 (Medium) DSCF7067 (Medium)

Maternal And Child Health Seminar

On August 14, 2015, Dr. Manzo invited LCPC Members to participate in the “Maternal And Child Health Seminar” and “Anti-Violence Against Women And Children Forum” conducted by the Office of Senator Pia Cayetano (author of the RH bill) held at the conference hall of Municipal Building.

The speaker was Dr. Vivian Eustasio from Senator Pia’s office. It was
attended by representatives of health workers of 32 barangays in Alfonso.
The said seminar/forum is conducted in Cavite & Metro Manila areas.

Some relevant issues on Family Planning was discussed in conjunction with
the health of mother and child.

Some emphasis mentioned in relation to the theme of the seminar were:

  1. Importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy
  2. Importance of doctor’s visitation during pregnancy.
  3. Spacing of years of number of number of children desired
  4. Consultation on choice of birth control methods to Brgy. Health Workers
  5. The Rights of the Children
  6. Women Empowerment

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LCPC Meeting at AWH

AWH has decided to provide its facility for LCPC (Local Council for Protection of Children) of Alfonso municipality as their venue for monthly meetings. The first meeting in the venue was attended by 15 members including municipal councilor Carolina, Dr. Manzo of municipal health office, Gina of local DSWD (Department of Social Welfare Development), local police officers, pastor Nestor, Tess of Civil Register Office, Staff from Municipal mayors, some other dedicating non-profit organizations and selected students.

It is one of AWH goals to help the community and provide its venue free of charge to the local government.

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Indian Mango Sharing with Indigents

In the property of AWH (Academy of World Healing Foundation), there are many Indian mango trees bearing plentiful of their fruits. AWH usually shares them with neighbor indigents so that they can sell them in the market. On top of it, however, AWH provided some sacks of Indian mangos to barangay Mangas II residents, most of whom are re-settlers from Samar island. They seemed to be happy to grab the mango and shared among themselves.

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Birth Certificate Project Follow Up

Gladis, a young lady resident in barangay Mangas II, Alfonso, who was leading this project suddenly found a job in far and moved away. Another lady resident Rose voluntarily took over the project and we have continued processing of the remaining documents. Since some documents were misplaced AWH paid additional fees for non-registrant certificate (Negative NSO). Six of the residents including Henry whose papers had not been finished were transported to Municipal hall by AWH car on April 27. Some cases still required corrections on the baptismal certificates. Since the project still required follow up till finished, AWH gave Rose a financial assistance to cover baptismal certificate issuance, transportation, etc.
In the meantime, the barangay council has donated 3 different trans bins for segregation.

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