Indigent Support

AWH’s neighbor indigent village “Camp Hope” visited AWH and received bundles of firewood for cooking Taho (Tofu), which is their livelihood in selling them.

AWH also shared ‘Rambutan’ fruits that are in harvesting season and eggplants from its garden with the people in Camp Hope and the other two indigent villages.

Update on October 16, 2020

Continued indigent support for Camp Hope residents with provision of firewood bundles.

Update on November 5, 2020

Firewood to cook taho (tofu) is essential for their livelihood. Camp Hope residents received another bundles donated by AWH.

Update on November 14, 2020

Another contribution of firewood logs to Camp Hope residents.

Update on November 26, 2020

Another donation of firewoods to taho (tofu) vendors in the nearby indigent squatter Camp Hope.

AWH also shared ube ginataan for their children made from our homegrown ube yams.

Update on December 12, 2020

It requires constant support in donation of firewoods especially in Pandemic time.

Update on December 28, 2020

Another donation of firewood bundles to the taho vendors from Camp Hope.

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