Supporting Youth in The Community

One of the AWH programs is providing quarterly assistance of P15,000 (P60,000 annually) to DSWD (Dept. of Social Welfare & Development) to support the Alfonso community. On Nov.17, 2021 DSWD Head of Alfonso, Cavite Gina Vedan invited AWH General Manager Raymund Balicha for the distribution of some of the items purchased with the quarterly support.

A computer set was provided to John Arnejo, a 21 year old third year student majoring in Hospitality Management at the De La Salle University, Dasmarinas, Cavite. In 2017 he was a minor who got in conflict with the law and was ordered by the Court to the custody of DSWD. He was recently ordered by the Court to go back and assist his mother. She is struggling with breast cancer and has not visited the doctor for quite a while due to financial constraints while struggling to take care of her six children after the father passed away last year. The computer will allow him to continue his schooling through online learning while still making some meager income for his family with nearby farming. He was very appreciative of the lifeline provided to him and his family.

After presenting the computer set to John, Gina and her team headed with Raymund to another DSWD facility for children who have been in conflict with the law located at the Alfonso police station. There she had purchased a double deck bed and bed foams for 4 male teenagers who had been ordered by the Court into DSWD custody. Again, the four boys were appreciative that they had a place to sleep. One of the double deck beds already there had been donated by AWH already directly some years ago.

Updates on December 22nd, 2021

AWH has decided to support John with monthly assistance of P2,500 so that he is able to continue his study at the college.

Gina of DSWD Alfonso and Raymund went to the residence of John Lorenze Arnejo in Kaytitinga 1 in Alfonso, Cavite on December 22, 2021 to give the first monthly financial support of P2,500. AWH also provided his family a sack of rice, assorted canned goods and biscuits for Christmas.

In our visit, he showed us the computer that AWH donated for his online studies during the pandemic.

He was about to quit schooling to support his family but Gina of DSWD vowed to help him finish his studies for a brighter future.

Gina advised John to study well since AWH is supporting him for a year and she also extended her gratitude to AWH for assisting him in his schooling.

Updates on January, 2022

John Lorenze Arnejo who is under the Children In Conflict with the Law (CICL) program of DSWD received his support of P2,500 for the month of January from Academy of World Healing Foundation (AWH).

He thanked AWH for the assistance. He said the financial assistance will help him in his schooling and his family in the pandemic.

Updates on February, 2022

John Lorenze Arnejo received his P2,500 monthly assistance on February 20,2022 for the needs of his schooling in college and his family.

He and his mother, who is suffering from breast cancer, thanked the Academy of World Healing Foundation (AWH) for their assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Updates on January 9th, 2023

The financial support to John Arnejo stopped in March 2022 since he decided not to attend college and instead work to support his mother and siblings.

On January 9, 2023, Casey and Raymund of Academy of World Healing Foundation (AWH) along with Gina of DSWD visited the residence of John Arnejo in Kaytitinga 1, Alfonso, Cavite to give 10 kilos of rice and cash to his mother suffering from breast cancer.

John was a former CICL (Children in Conflict with the Law) under the care of DSWD and his case was dismissed recently. He is the eldest among 5 siblings and decided to quit college to support his family by working as a farmer and construction worker as well, while currently working at the motorcycle repair shop, earning P200 to P600 a day.

The incumbent houseparent of CICL under DSWD, Romel, suggested John to apply for certificate as motor mechanic and get a chance to work abroad such as in Dubai. He will follow up with John for the progress.

Updates on February 20th, 2023

Academy of World Healing Foundation (AWH) has been assisting former Children In Conflict with the Law (CICL) 22-year-old John Arnejo with applying for working opportunity in abroad.  On February 20th, general manager Raymund took him to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Tagaytay branch to obtain his NBI clearance certificate, which is required to work abroad.

AWH also provided him financial assistance for food supplies for his family as he did not earn any income through his motorcycle mechanic job in the last 2 days. There were no clients who came to the repair shop.

The NBI office told him to pick up his NBI clearance on March 8, 2023.

John expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards AWH for helping him and his family.

Updates on March 15, 2023

On March 15, 2023, Academy of World Healing Foundation (AWH) assisted John at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Tagaytay, Cavite to follow up on his pending application for his NBI Multi-Purpose Clearance Certificate.

NBI requested for the Dismissal Notice from the court of his case when he was a juvenile, which he readily provided.

After reviewing all the documents he submitted, NBI released his Multi-Purpose Clearance Certificate with “No Criminal Record” remark.

John was very happy to finally secure his NBI Multi-Purpose Clearance Certificate that he thought he would never get due to the misdemeanor he committed in his earlier age.

He will look for a stable job and apply overseas when he gains more work experience in the future.

The day before the NBI errand, he made only 250 pesos at the motorcycle shop he works for the food and needs of his family.

AWH added to his meager income with assorted canned goods, noodles and biscuits bought at the grocery store after the NBI errand and transportation assistance for a total amount of P1,000. He said he did not have to worry about food on the table for his family that day.