National Children’s Month

November is National Children’s Month and its 30th celebration in our municipality of Alfonso was conducted by the local DSWD (Department of Social Welfare Development) and LCPC (Local Council for Protection of Children). AWH (Academy of World Healing Foundation) board members as well as LCPC members, Casey Takayama and Raymund Balicha participated the event for barangay Mangas, Alfonso, Cavite on November 17, 2022, while the celebration events are being held in many other barangays in the municipality of Alfonso over several days.

The particular event for Mangas 1, Mangas 2 and Marahan 1 was attended by 150 public school pupils (Kindergarten and up to Grade 2).

During the program, “The Advocacy on Children’s Rights” was presented to the parents of the pupils by the LCPC child representatives.

Casey brought assorted candies and marshmallows chocolate bars that were tossed to the school children. DSWD and LCPC handed spaghetti, fried chicken and ice cream to the children.

The other batches of food distribution on the same day up to 1,050 children in other areas of Alfonso municipality were also funded by LCPC.

The National Children’s Month celebration will be held until November 26, 2022, wherein many activities have been lined up.

Rice Provision to The Indigent Camp with Japanese Visitors

In November 2022, a renowned Japanese physical practitioner, Ken Yamamoto visited AWH with his follower sports doctor Iwai and performed voluntary treatments to the local Filipinos who had suffered with physical body pains and abnormalities in two consecutive days.

Many lined up for such an opportunity that costs nothing to them, but were limited to about 40 due to the time constraints.

 Generally, everyone was really amazed how they removed the body pain.

After the treatments, we visited the nearby indigent camp and provided 100 kg of rice which to be divided to 5 kg to each family.