Alfonso Women’s Month Celebration

March 24, 2015

The LCPC (Local Council of Protection of Children (, Women & Eldery)) of Alfonso held an event for national women’s month, attended by the Cavite provincial councilor, the municipal mayor, vice mayor, municipal councilors and some male barangay captains in lady’s costume.
AWH staff, DSWD Alfonso, a pastor and municipal health officer also attended as members of the LCPC.
It was confirmed that women’s position in the society must be raised and women shall be more empowered in the current men dominated lifestyle in the Philippines.DSCF6200 (Medium) DSCF6201 (Medium) DSCF6202 (Medium) DSCF6204 (Medium) DSCF6206 (Medium) DSCF6208 (Medium) DSCF6211 (Medium) DSCF6213 (Medium) DSCF6216 (Medium) DSCF6221 (Medium)

Local Council for The Protection of Children (LCPC)

The members of LCPC consist of councilors from the municipality of Alfonso, Cavite, DSWD Alfonso, municipal health official, municipal planning department, local national statistics office, local police officers, NGO’s, students and pastors, had a monthly meeting on March 9th, 2015. AWH joined LCPC in January 2015.20150309_144540 (Large)DSWD and NSO recognized AWH efforts of helping indigents in barangay Mangas II residents procure birth certificates in the previous month, as well as repairing the roof of and donation of a steel bunk bed to the youth counseling center.Roof repair of Alfonso Post Office & Police StationSince protection of LCPC extends to women and elderlies, it was discussed to set the date for “Women’s Empowerment Day” to be on March 24th and preparation for it.

AWH which supported national polio/measles/rubella vaccination campaign in September 2014 with Alfonso health officials expressed its health concern against TB (tuberculosis) and willingness to support the municipal health office (MHO) for prevention of its spreading.
Dr. Manzo mentioned that DOH (Department of Health) provides the tuberculin test supplies and medicines. However the problem is not so many residents visit the health office to receive the test so the MHO plans to visit each barangay to conduct the test month by month. Since the funds run out sometimes Dr. Manzo mentioned that it would be a big help if AWH supports this TB activities.


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