National Children’s Month Celebration

On November 24, 2023 Academy of World Healing Foundation (AWH) was invited to attend the 31st National Children’s Month celebration hosted by the Municipality of Alfonso at the covered basketball court at Alfonso town. 

The theme of the year was”Healthy, nourished, sheltered: Ensuring the right to life for all!”

More than 500 Day Care and Kindergarten pupils attended the event for the whole day. 

The children enjoyed fried chicken and spaghetti from Jollibee. 

During the event a clown performed all kinds of magic tricks to the children who were in awe seeing a white pigeon popping out of his hand.  

AWH contributed financial assistance for the event.

Raymund distributed assorted toys to the children who participated in fun games contributed by the Rotary International Multinational Manila. 

AWH is a member of the Local Council for the Protection of Children (LCPC). 

Alfonso Mayor Randy and Gina of Municipal Social Welfare Development presented a Certificate of Appreciation to AWH and extended their gratitude to RIMM for the assorted toys during the event.