Visiting House with No Steps Foundation

Since DSWD (Department of Social Welfare Development) Alfonso introduced AWH madam Luz in Bahay San Jose, Alfonso, Cavite 2 years ago, we have visited them often and brought our Japanese guests to her “Angels”.
Eleven of the residents are orphans (except the daughter of Ms. Luz) and severely handicapped due to polio, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.The House with No Steps Foundation owns the property and Ms. Luz volunteers there to take care of them.
AWH with its guests occasionally provides rice, clothes and financial assistance for their needs.
“I remind myself about them from time to time” says Casey Takayama, vice president of AWH, “we who fortunately have no physical defect are able to see, hear, talk and walk. Why not do our best to help others?”
Although these eleven “Angels” do not have any choice to do anything, it might give a meaning to their existence.

House with No Steps House with No Steps