Photon Healing“PHOTON” is defined as a photonic element, a particle of light from a higher dimension, in the particle aspect. In the aspect of wave, it is one of the magneto-electric waves. It is called “HADO” in Japanese. The photon healing conducted by sensei-Yoshiko uses energy sourced from 8th dimension or even higher, although her performance is not supernatural. The treatment is basically a hand healing, touching gently on affected areas and sending energy through the hands placed over one's body, which generates no pain. However, some may experience some pain or feel heat in affected spots, in the event that one's body resonates with the energy intensely. The photon healing extracts negative energy from your body as well.

Unlike other hand healings, the photon healing by sensei-Yoshiko works on the brain stem. The brain stem is the source of life, which controls the organs through the parasympathetic nervous system.

Doctors usually diagnose one's symptom as autonomic imbalance or neuro-something, if it is unknown to them. Actually, many of those cases are attributed to the performance of the brain stem. For more details, please refer to the article about the brain stem.

UPDATE - MAR 2010: Effectiveness for Cancer
This information is received from the guides of sensei-Yoshiko: The energy emmitted through sensei-Yoshiko's hands penetrates deeply into the body just like far-infrared and strengthens our immune system and improves metabolism which are said to be effective in abating cancer cells. Also negative ions emitted from her hands optimize bonding oxygen with hemoglobin in the blood stream so that oxygen and nutrients can be distributed well in the body sytem.

UPDATE - DEC 2010: Health of Internal Organs
This information is received from the guides of sensei-Yoshiko: There are two internal organs which do not develop cancer. The heart and the spleen. These organs are always kept in 40 degree celsius. Cancer cells cannot survive in that high temperature. This fact indicates that it is important to keep our internal organs in certain temperature. The other organs are supposed to have 37 degrees celsius or higher. However, some often do not due to our modern lifestyle, etc. It likely reduces 50% of our immunity with 1 degree celsius lower organ temperature. Photon healing by sensei-Yoshiko provides Light from the 3rd chakra (throat) and heat from the 6th chakra (spleen) so that heat is distributed to entire organs. It is important to exert our own self-recovery power and for our strong immune system and healthy metabolism.

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The following message is spiritual information from a higher dimension, which was told to our meditation group. Therefore, it is in a dialogue style.

…This is not understood in modern medicine. Your body has capillary vessels laid out all over very elaborately, doesn't it? And nerve fibers are also laid out in the same way. There is no place in your body that does not have feeling, which means the nerve fibers are spread all over your body.

As you understand, the nervous system is more elaborate than the capillary system. And even further more elaborate than the nervous system is the cell-to-cell network of life force energy, often called “Chi” or “Prana.” It simply is “Life-force.”

Oriental medicine is said to improve its stagnated flow of Chi. However, even it is not enough to be invincible. It certainly improves the flux of Chi by stimulating the pressure points or the chakra points, but it doesn't cure the roots of illness.

The unremitting circulation of clean blood is good but doesn't mean the body is healthy. On top of the unremitting circulation of clean blood, the flow of the nerve communication is also essential. It leads to the topic of the brain-stem.

You cannot consciously control your blood pressure, which regulates the speed of blood flow, can you? It is the same with your heart beat, which cannot be controlled by your will, can it? Your lungs, heart, liver, and all of your internal organs work unremittingly regardless of your will. It is the brain-stem which makes it possible.

The cerebrum takes charge of thinking, such as intelligence, knowledge, judgment, etc. And it is the role of the cerebellum to control movement of your body and to react based on reflexes, such as to walk, to lift, to move your eye balls, to open your mouth, etc.

The brain-stem, on the other hand, is a brain circuit, which controls life itself.

It may sound foreign to you, but the brain-stem can be found in the passage from a conglomerate of the mesencephalon, the pons and the medulla oblongata to the backbone, where the recessed area of the neck is. The mesencephalon is located between the cerebrum and the cerebellum. The pons is like a bridge.

There is debate in the medical world whether the diencephalon is part of the brain-stem or not. But the diencephalon is not part of the brain-stem, because the diencephalon functions as a combination of the cerebrum and the cerebellum.

The brain-stem is life itself. It never rests while you are alive. Your body does not move nor walk when you are in a deep sleep, does it? Your cerebellum is completely resting in that condition. You cannot calculate, write, nor think, as your cerebrum is resting, too. However, the brain-stem controls all the essential organs as precisely as they should function without any interruption, using the entire nerve system. It is life itself.

There is a problem in the liver, so let's diagnose the liver and cure the liver. There is a problem in the heart, so let's diagnose the heart and cure the heart. Your blood pressure is high, so let's bring it down….. This is not healing. It is just an easement of the symptoms, which does not solve their roots. Nothing functions when the brain-stem, which controls the heart and sends signals to the heart, is exhausted and malfunctioning. In some cases, liver problems originate in the stressed heart, which notifies the brain-stem and the brain-stem tries to remedy it with the heart. Medical doctors do not know that the heart trouble and liver problems are connected. They say toothaches are irrelevant to the kidneys. But everything is interrelated in the human body. Even headache is sometimes invoked by fatigue of the soles of the feet, which affects pressure on the eye balls. It is explained that damage to the elaborate circuit of the nervous network in the brain-stem interferes with proper transmission of neuron pulse, just like clogged blood vessels blocks the flow of blood. You may implicate it in electric current. Interruption of the electric current causes many troubles. The energy from the higher dimension – Photon Energy – repairs the electric circuit and restores the flow of electricity. It generates electric sparks when the energy is applied, which may be perceived as pain sometimes. But it certifies completion of restoration. Even if there is no pain, the energy restores the invisible fine electric current, flux of Chi, which is more subtle than the streams of blood and flux of neurons. Then, it restores nerves and the damaged peripheral nerves and eventually cures the problem. However, this type of treatment has not yet been available.


Overreaction of the body is the condition whereby nerves have tingling responses constantly. In the medicine in your world, it is called autonomic imbalance. For instance, nothing wrong (neither ulcers nor hyperacidity) is found despite stomach-ache, and is usually diagnosed as autonomic imbalance. But there is a reason. It is the malfunction of nerve circuits, which transmit signals from the brain-stem to the stomach. Therefore, medical doctors do not understand you saying you feel something wrong or feel pain. They will even say that you are making this up or you are exaggerating. But the truth is that it is the matter of the brain-stem. As the brain-stem has become hypersensitive and overactive, the body constitution has become allergic. Now, can you think of any illnesses which are irrelevant to the brain-stem? Asthma of Mr. XX is not an exception. Frequent coughing is caused by overreaction of peripheral nerves. It is the matter of how the symptom surfaces. Understood?


There is no break for the heart. Life has to continue. The heart stops when you leave your physical body. It is often discussed when it is considered to be brain death in terms of medical perspective in your world. And it is often discussed as to when is the right time to take the life tube away from one in a vegetative state. Brain death, which is one of the factors to determine such timing, should be defined based on death of the brain-stem. While those who are in a complete vegetative state are unable to talk, not even able to lift their own eyelids, they can breathe and their heart pumps. It means their brain-stems are active and they are alive.